WeTogethr makes donating money, clear, simple and effective.

Sometimes money can buy happiness. So we use our members’ money on those whose lives can be transformed by even the smallest of contributions at just the right time.

Sign up to be a WeTogethr member for as little as £4.99 per month and we’ll show you how much of a meaningful difference you can have to someone’s life.

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Why we exist

There’s a widespread belief and cynicism that money given to charities isn’t always used to the best effect.

We exist to find and fund causes where money makes all the difference and can be used to the best effect.

We’ve started out by funding life-enhancing medical equipment for kids like Reggie but as we grow, we will look broaden those we help.

How it works

You give us money

Sign up to a subscription plan and become a WeTogethr Member. At least 75% of funds raised will go towards paying for things to transform the lives of others

We'll be transparent

You should always want to know where your hard earned cash is going. We publish monthly financial statements, regular cause updates and all our live stats are here.

Together we’ll build a community

A community that is passionate about transforming the lives of others in the most effective way. Learn more here about how our community is helping us grow.

Show me the money...

You can choose to give £4.99/£9.99/£14.99/£29.99 per month. It goes without saying that “the more the merrier,” but you should only contribute what you feel comfortable with.

Also, there’s no small print contract tying you in for 25 years. If you ever want to contribute more, less or even stop completely, then we won’t stop you!

To sign up we’ll need your Name (obviously), your email and mobile (so we can update you) and your card details (so we can charge you monthly).

We use a secure card payment service called Stripe and once you hit “Start Subscription” we charge your card.

You'll then receive an email from Stripe with a receipt of your payment and a welcome email from WeTogethr. Please make sure you give this a read as it details what happens next and how you can help.

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Get in touch

The best way to get in touch with WeTogethr is through email.

For general, media and PR enquiries:
For transaction issues and cancellations:
If you've got an idea or cause to suggest that WeTogethr could get behind send it to: causes@wetogethr.org

Alternatively if you'd like to speak to someone you can ring us on
0800 030 6822